This valentine day align your heart chakra

This valentine day align your heart chakra

This Valentine, open up your heart chakra💖 to receive love, happiness, and peace in your life!

As the spring season is around the corner, let’s bloom our heart chakra 🌸petals and spread its fragrance everywhere.

Let’s grow mentally like a tree🌳 and spread the branches of tranquility everywhere.

Let’s bring the body temperature to moderate to bring the masculine (Shiva) & feminine (Shakti) energy together.

Let’s feel the essence of the “green”💚 color in our life. Nothing can exist without this color.


1. Chest opening Asanas💚 :
They open the heart space~~
Taad asana, Hastottan asana, Vriksha asana, Natraj asana, Veerbhadra asana, Trikonasana, Poorvottan asana, Parshvottan asana, Chakra asana, Ushtra asana, Vakra asana, Matsendra asana.

2. Meditation🙏: Focus on heart chakra; Meditate on the sounds of nature

3. Mantra📿: “yam” is the seed mantra of the heart chakra.

4. Off the mat practice😇: Create new things in life as Spring is the season of creativity !! Love your own self and spread this love to others.

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