SHIVRATRI: The Night of Lord Shiva

SHIVRATRI: The Night of Lord Shiva

“Om Namah Shivaya”

SHIVRATRI : The Night of Lord Shiva

Shivratri is the night when Shiva and Shakti unite.

Shiva (the Generator), symbolises the right hand side of our body . Shakti (the Power) is the left hand side.

Yoga is all about uniting and balancing the Shiva and Shakti inside us.

Through ‘Yog’ we tend to balance our power and utilise it for generating LOVE, COMPASSION & SOCIAL HARMONY.

Let us involve our mind, body & soul in SELF STUDY, MEDITATION ON SHIVA & MANTRA CHANTING !!

Lets celebrate the true essence of Shivratri .

Happy Shivratri to all !!

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